Issue Tracker is responsive board to manage all kind of bugs effectively. Main Tasks on Issue Board are:

1. Report New Issue

There are 2 options to report bugs, when you mouse over “New Issue” button on top bar at Issue Tacker you will see.
  • Inline:
    It will open a single line, where you can quickly enter title, provide basic details and create new Issue.
  • Full Details:
    Will open Pop-up, where you can provide all the information, steps to reproduce, attachments etc.

2. Change Issue Status

There are multiple ways to change status
  • Drag any issue widget and drop to other panels and status will be automatically updated. For example, if you drag issue widget and drop to In progress panel the status of individual bug will be updated to “In Progress”.
  • On Issue widget there is small button and it reflects the action, for example
    • New
      panel issues have button:
        , it will change status to “In progress” and move to “In Progress” column.
    • In Progress
      panel issues widget shows button:
        , it will change status to “Resolved” and move issue to “Resolved” column.
    • Resolved
      panel issues widget shows button :
        , it will change status to “Closed”

3. Text Search & Filters

Use quick search text box to search issues. Search will look into “Titles” and “description” fields. Filters button will open all the options to filter issues, e.g., by release, sprint, component, status etc.

4. Release and Sprint Issues

Issue board is global place to view all the issues in your project. The issues assigned or created in sprints or releases will always appear here. You can use filters search to view specific release or sprint issues. Sprint name and Release name are shown the issue widget with prefix SP: and RL:  respectively.