The Sprint board is used to manage all Sprints for your project. You can choose between two methodologies for the Sprint board; Kanban and Scrum. The layout of the board is fully customizable, and can be changed to meet your needs. The Sprint board lets you access Sprint Analytics to track the progress of your Sprints.

Create an Issue or User Story on the Sprint board

Issues or User Stories can be created on the Sprint board by using one of two methods: Quick Add or Detailed Add.

Quick Add
: Add item quickly with minimum required details. Do not need to leave current screen.
Detailed Add
: Open a pop-up window to create item in detail, add description, add attachments, etc.

Using Filters to Search the Sprint board

You can perform detailed searches on the Sprint board by using Filters. This can be done by pressing the Filters button.


Once the button is pressed, the Filters panel will open up.


Here you can select different criteria against which to perform a search. E.g. you can search according to ID, Title or #tag, or by person Responsible or by both.

Changing Status of an item through Drag & Drop

Changing the status of an item has been made extremely simple. You just need to drag & drop the item from one column to the other and its status will be changed accordingly.