Most teams need some way to manage dependencies between different items, e.g., a release probably can’t be closed until a blocker Issue is resolved. Yodiz offers a powerful way to create, manage and track dependencies.

Item types for dependency creation

Yodiz allows items to be tracked easily for dependencies. Any item can be dependent on other and full list of items is:
  • Issues
  • Tasks
  • User Stories
  • Sprints
  • Releases
  • Epic

Dependency Types

There are 3 kind of dependencies.

1. Blocked By

Source item is blocked by other item. For example,
  • e.g., “User Story#100” is blocked by “issue # 7”

2. Is Blocking

Source item Blocks other item. For example,
    • “Sprint # 8” blocks “Release #21”
    • “Issue #9” blocks “Task #123”

3. Associates

This is just to simply show the relation of 2 items.

How to create dependency

  1. To create a dependency for any item, open the item’s detail edit view.
  2. Now press the Dependencies tab.dep1
  3. Press the Create Dependency button, and choose the type of Dependency you want to create. dep 2

4. Resulting screen

On the resulting screen, select the items you want to create a dependency for. You can search for items by using the search bar. Once all items are selected, press the Create Dependency button.

Narrow Search

Additionally, you can choose to narrow the search feature by searching for specific item types. This can be done by pressing the All Types drop down menu.

Tracking Dependencies

You can access all the dependencies created for all of your projects at single place. To do this, click the:


Remember to select “Projects” and Item Type, e.g., “Issues”, “User Stories” etc. to view dependency items. Please note that you can select multiple projects at a time, however you will only be able to select single “Item type” like “issue”. If an item “is Blocked by” other item then you will not be able to close that item. For example, if a user story “is blocked by” an issue then you will not be able to change status to “Completed” or “Accepted” until the issue is resolved. However you are still able to change status to New, In Progress, Rejected etc. System only blocks the completion of item if it is blocked by other item.