From the top menu, select Sprints. edit_sprints You can switch between viewing Active, Recently closed or Upcoming Sprints by clicking on the tabs in the drop down menu.

Creating a New Sprint

In order to start a new Sprint, press the Start New Sprint button. This will take you to the board layout type selection screen. You can choose between Scrum or Scrumban/Kanban layout types. asd1 Press choose to move onto the next screen. asd2 On this screen, you have to:
  1. Choose the Project in which you want to create the Sprint.
  2. Choose a board layout.
  3. Press Next to continue.
asd3 On the final screen, you can enter the review the final details of the Sprint, and choose Start and End date of the Sprint.

Editing and Listing Sprints

From the Sprints menu, select Manage All Sprints. manage_sprint On this screen you can view all existing Sprints for your project. You can click the Sprint title to open the Sprint on the Sprint board. To Edit a Sprint press the pencil icon to the right of its name. To Complete a Sprint press the Complete sprint icon to the right of its name. This will finish the current sprint. You can sort Sprints according to Start date and End date by pressing the column title. sprint1