Yodiz offers a very simple way to manage multiple projects. From top right corner you can switch between different projects.

Add new Project

Click the settings icon on the top right of the screen, and select “Add New Project”. Please do note that, you need to Admin rights in order to create the project, otherwise access rights violation message will be displayed.

Manage Projects

To manage projects, first click on settings icon on top right corner. Then from left menu, select “Project Level Settings”. A list of all projects that you belong will be displayed. If you have admin rights to a project then a drop down button will be visible and by clicking on it, you can perform different management tasks. To add users to multiple projects: refer to help article.


Delete Project

If you try to delete some project, which is currently selected, you will get a prompt message that you should go back to application, switch project to another from top right corner and then come back to Administration area to delete the project. You would then be able to delete it.