In this Help Article, we will discuss following things.
  1. How to Access Custom Graph
  2. Functionality of Custom Graph
  3. How to edit Custom Graph

1) How to Access Custom Graph

Login to Yodiz and Click on the grid icon on the top left corner of the screen. From dropdown click on the User Dashboard option.


Clicking here will prompt you to Dashboard, click on the Add Widget option.


Once you have clicked on Add widget a row will appear in the bottom of screen with a lot of options. In order to create Common Graph, click on the “Common” option.


Once you have clicked on Common, you will be shown an option to select “Custom Graph”. Click on the Add Icon to create Custom Graph.


2) Functionality of Custom Graph

Let’s discuss the functionality of Common Graph.


1. Enter Title

Enter the Title of the widget.

2. Select Project

Click on Select Project option and click the desired project from dropdown.

3. Select Item type

Click on this option and from drop down choose the type of item you want Custom Graph for. Custom Graph can be made for Issue, User Story, Epic and Task.

4. Select Attribute

From the dropdown of this option, click on the specific Attribute you want Custom Graph for. Attributes vary according to the items selected.

5. Select Graph Type

From this drop down select if you want a Pie Graph or Bar Graph.

6. Select Attribute Type

Select the Attribute Type from this dropdown.

7. Select Graph Size

Choose if you want a Small or Large sized graph.

8. Show Date Range

Check this option if you want a graph for specific date. The default date of graph is the start date of selected project to the current date. Once you have filled in the details click on the Save option.

How to edit Custom Graph

The Custom Graph details can be edited and deleted as well. Click on the highlighted icon to edit Custom Graph. You will be shown a variety of options once you click on the highlighted Icon.