How To Remove “Yodiz” Cookies From Different Browsers

If you see suddenly a strange behaviour like view not loading or some other issue, it might be caused by either cache or cookies issue. As a first step, you can try Yodiz in "Incognito" or "Private" mode and if things working fine then most likely issues are related to cache or cookies. To clear [...]

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Why Hard Refresh is required?

To compensate for browsing speeds, web browsers usually store web pages (and their associated .js & .css files) in a local storage called "cache". Your browser might still be holding on to those old cached files that might be causing some anomalies after recent Yodiz release. If you are experiencing any anomalies, it is recommended [...]

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Timeline Access and Functionality

In this article, we will discuss following things: How to Access Timeline Functionality of Timeline 1. How to access Timeline Timeline feature is available for Epics, Issue, User Story and Task. It can be accessed via pop-up and detailed view of these items. In this access method, we are demonstrating access of Timeline via Pop-up [...]

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Project Roadmap

In this article, we will discuss following things: How to access Project Roadmap Features of Project Roadmap Roadmap Range Choose desired criteria Increase visibility of focused area Right Navigation Panel Add Sprints and Releases Associate Sprints with Releases Change Start/End Date of Sprint & Release 1. How to access Project Roadmap Project Roadmap can be [...]

How to Use Calendar

In this article, we will discuss following things: What is Calendar? How to Access Calendar Functionality of Calendar Viewing your Calendar 1. What is Calendar? Calendar mainly functions with Due Date; which drives the Schedule. Calendar helps you in easy scheduling of Items. Calendar provides enhanced visibility for Items, you can also switch to weekly [...]

How to Use Swimlane

Swimlane allows easy screening of data by classifying it in different lanes. You can choose to view items by different categories (Responsible, Release, Severity etc) In this article, we will discuss following things: How to Access Swimlane Functionality of Swimlane Important points 1. How to Access Swimlane Swimlanes are accessible on the following boards: Scrum/Sprint [...]

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Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)

In this article, we will discuss following things: What is CFD How to access CFD How to Generate CFD How to Edit CFD How to Delete CFD Export CFD graph Relation of Status Set with CFD Important Points 1. What is CFD? A Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) is an area chart that shows the various [...]

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Hide Panels on boards

Yodiz offers you enhanced functionality to focus on the most important areas by minimizing the unnecessary panels. This feature is functional on Issue Tracker, Sprint, Kanban and Release board. We are demonstrating example of Issue Tracker board here. Follow the screenshot below in order to access this feature. You can click on the highlighted (-) [...]

How to generate Yodiz API Key

In order to generate API Key from Yodiz, go to top right Settings Icon Click on "Yodiz API" from the header menu. You will be shown the following screen. Click on the highlighted "Generate API Key" button. Once you click on this button, your API key will be made visible to you. You may Copy [...]

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How to change the order of attachments?

Sometimes we find that having a lot of attachments in a single item can make things a little confusing. This is why we have ability to change the order in which attachments are displayed on the Item screen. If you have multiple attachments to any Item, you can change the order in which they appear [...]

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