How can I apply a different layout on my board?

To apply a different board layout on your board Open the board and select project Click on Right [...]

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Can I measure each team member velocity individually?

Sprint velocity is meant for the whole sprint team and does not measure individual user work. To look [...]

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How can I move sprint Items to another Sprint?

There are multiple options for a user to move sprint items to another sprint. Select Navigation Menu, Sprints [...]

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How can I Deactivate or activate a Sprint?

Deactivating a sprint will not make any changes in the association of sprint items. Sprint will be shown [...]

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How can I reopen a Sprint?

A Sprint is Closed for two possible reasons: 1. User changed status of Sprint to Closed manually If [...]

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How can I show or hide unscheduled items from Calendar?

Unscheduled Items panel in Calendar is shown at the left side. It can be collapsed by clicking on [...]

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How can I delete a work item?

Click on the Item Id and select provided delete icon in item details. An additional confirmation dialog prompts [...]

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How do I define a New Role?

Super Admin can define a new User Role in your organization. Once a new role is defined then [...]

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How can I log my effort on User Story?

Logging effort is only supported for tasks and issues. User Story can only show sum of this effort [...]

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Can I set my default project so whatever view I select, I see its contents first?

No, there is no default project option in Yodiz. But you can bookmark any project as favorite to [...]

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How can I get multiple events in the same Slack channel?

You can choose the desired events to push in the Slack channel when configuring Slack in Yodiz. In [...]

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Estimation method of project and its impacts

You can switch your estimation method even after creating a Project. Switching will map existing data estimation values [...]

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How can I change date and time format?

Each user can personalise date and time format. All boards and Item widgets will show the new format [...]

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Can I measure each team member velocity individually?

Team Sprint velocity is User Story level estimate that a team makes before starting a Sprint. Hence, it [...]

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Can I exclude one Sprint from listed Sprints to calculate Sprint velocity?

In Sprint Velocity graph, You cannot exclude one particular sprint though. However, you can exclude active sprint/s by [...]

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Can I include Active Sprint in Sprint Velocity graph?

Yes, you can include current active sprint in Sprint Velocity graph. Mark “Add Active Sprint” option in Sprint [...]

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Adding new members in a team will increase team velocity?

Adding new members in the middle of the project does not increase team velocity instantly. Each new member [...]

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Is Sprint Velocity can be used as KPI (Key Performance Indicator)?

Sprint Velocity reflects the number of completed User Stories in a Sprint and helps to determine team capacity [...]

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Where can I find Yodiz End User Agreement?

The Terms & Conditions are provided to User at the Signup page.

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How payment will be adjusted if you change package?

If you already purchased a package and make changes later, Yodiz will adjust the remaining payment according to [...]

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