How to use Yodiz

This article will guide you through setting up Yodiz. Please follow the instructions below to learn how to use Yodiz. First of all you need to sign up for an account with Yodiz. You can choose between the Agile + Issue Tracker or Issue Tracker only package. Enter your Organization name. This is the name [...]

Yodiz release update.

What’s new in Yodiz?   We’re excited to announce yet another release for Yodiz. This release brings a host of new changes and additions to Yodiz aimed at increasing functionality, making things simpler, and providing you, the user with more flexibility whenever you use Yodiz. Let’s take a quick look at some of the new [...]

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How to generate Yodiz API Key

In order to generate API Key from Yodiz, go to top right Settings Icon Click on "Yodiz API" from the header menu. You will be shown the following screen. Click on the highlighted "Generate API Key" button. Once you click on this button, your API key will be made visible to you. You may Copy [...]

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How to change the order of attachments?

Sometimes we find that having a lot of attachments in a single item can make things a little confusing. This is why we have ability to change the order in which attachments are displayed on the Item screen. If you have multiple attachments to any Item, you can change the order in which they appear [...]

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What is a Status Set?

Status Set is an assortment of custom statuses, which are used to track workflow of an item (Tasks, Issues, User Stories, Sprints, Releases and Epics). The Status Set screen allows you to create your own Status Sets, which can be used in any of your projects. In this article, we will discuss following things: Default [...]

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What does ‘Is Priority Sort Dependent?’ do?

The “Is priority sort dependant” option can be found in the Project settings in the Administration menu. This feature, when checked makes it so that whenever a priority rating is given to User Stories, they will be automatically sorted according to their priority, on the Backlog board. E.g. User Stories with 5 stars of priority [...]

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How to save Filters on Planning board.

Planning board filter save option Filters can be saved for use later in time on the Planning board. This can be performed by first selecting the Filters that you want. Now, press Search. Once the search has been performed, a Save icon will appear on the Filters panel. Press the Save icon to save the [...]

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Roles, Rights and Permissions Management

Yodiz provides options for admins to set the correct rights and roles for each users. Default Roles When you sign-up new organization at Yodiz and invite users, you will have following default set of roles. User  Not able to access Project settings Not able to access Administration and Payment Settings Able to perform all other operations [...]

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