Difference in Scrum and ScrumBan Board

Scrum Board provides greater visibility of User Story dependent Tasks and Issues whereas KanBan Board mainly focuses on [...]

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How to use the Sprint Scope graph

The Sprint Scope Graph shows the User Stories added or removed during the Sprint life cycle, this graph [...]

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How to Use Calendar

In this article, we will discuss following things: What is Calendar? How to Access Calendar Functionality of Calendar [...]

How to Use Swimlane

Swimlane allows easy screening of data by classifying it in different lanes. You can choose to view items [...]

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Hide Panels on boards

Yodiz offers you enhanced functionality to focus on the most important areas by minimizing the unnecessary panels. This [...]

Burndown updates on “Done” or “Accepted”

We had earlier logic that burndown was updating when User Story status would change to "Accepted", it was [...]

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Search and Filters

In this article, we are going to discuss everything related to Search and Filters: Search and Filters Bar [...]

How to Add Tasks or Bugs to a User Story

If you want to add either a Bug or a Task to a User Story, this can be [...]

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Getting Started with Sprint Board

The Sprint board is used to manage all Sprints for your project. You can choose between two methodologies [...]

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Deleting a Sprint

In order to delete a sprint, select Manage All Sprints from Sprints drop down menu at the top [...]

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