Effort Log and Timer Feature

To create a Sprint Backlog, some teams feel comfortable to use ideal hours to estimate their Tasks and [...]

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Using Recycle Bin

If you deleted an item and realize later that you are not supposed to delete it. Yodiz recycle-bin [...]

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Manage Priorities

Priorities help to classify User Story importance concerning business value. Get the most important User Stories done first [...]

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Manage Severities

Severities help you to categorize your Issues according to the seriousness of their impact and urgency to get [...]

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Manage Profile Settings

Each Yodiz User has a profile settings section to keep personal preferences. In addition to your general profile [...]

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Use “Status Reason” in Project

Very often teams want to log the reason when some status of an Item (User Story, Issue, and [...]

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Everything About Dashboard

Reporting and tracking is key aspect of management. Managers need to have overall picture of team’s performance, that’s [...]

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How to use Post Commit Webhook for Yodiz

Integrations for Post Commit Webhook can be accessed through the Source Code Integrations page. Integration Following is the [...]

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How to Integrate SVN with Yodiz Via Assembla

Yodiz supports integration with SVN through many code repository services. Assembla is one of those supported tools. Let’s [...]

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Board Layout Editor

Board Layout Editor offers complete customization of Yodiz boards including Issue Tracker, Release, Kanban and Scrum Board. Features [...]

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How to Integrate BitBucket with Yodiz

Yodiz supports WebHook integration with BitBucket. It will enable you to: Track code commits by associating them with [...]

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How to use custom fields

At Yodiz, there is enhanced functionality to create custom fields. There are multiple types of custom fields that [...]

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How to use Commit Log and Pull Request

Yodiz supports integration with many version control systems, hosted locally or at any cloud service. Commit Log section [...]

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Yodiz and Jira Integration via Zapier

In this article we will discuss following things: Yodiz Trigger to Jira Action Jira Trigger to Yodiz Action [...]

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How to Integrate Yodiz with third party services via Zapier

Yodiz now introduces all the popular integrations via Zapier. You can synchronize your Yodiz account with multiple other [...]

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How to Integrate Mercurial with Yodiz

We support integration to all Mercurial repositories. You can hook Yodiz Tasks, Issues, Epics and User Stories with [...]

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Tortoise SVN Client Hook

We support integration to ALL Subversion repositories. Hook Yodiz Tasks and Issues with your code commits. The process [...]

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Git Hook

To automate part of your development workflow and notify Yodiz about code commits, is made possible through the [...]

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Time Sheet Access And Functionality

In this article, we will discuss following things: What is Time Sheet? How to Access Time Sheet Functionalities [...]

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Project Roadmap

Project Roadmap provides a complete overview of the Project’s scheduled and current achievements. It renders complete visibility of [...]

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