Issue/Bug Tracking board

Issue Severity by Responsible

In this article we will discuss following things: How to access Issue Severity by Responsible? How to Generate [...]

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How to Use Calendar

In this article, we will discuss following things: What is Calendar? How to Access Calendar Functionality of Calendar [...]

Hide Panels on boards

Yodiz offers you enhanced functionality to focus on the most important areas by minimizing the unnecessary panels. This [...]

Search and Filters

In this article, we are going to discuss everything related to Search and Filters: Search and Filters Bar [...]

How to use “Status Reason”

Very often teams want to log the reason when some issue/bug status is changed to resolved, ignored or [...]

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How to use MoSCoW priority for issues

Yodiz supports priority field with simple "High Priority" or 4 level "MoSCoW" priority. At project settings you can [...]

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Export issues to CSV with custom selection

The Export Issues by CSV feature supports: Ability to select multiple projects Ability to select multiple fields to [...]

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How to associate user story to issues

Yodiz now offers more smoother way to associate user stories to issues and vice versa. You can even [...]

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How to Sort Issue Tracker by Severity

Issue Tracker can easily be sort by different types. Default sorting is "By Updated On". Sorting Options To [...]

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How to use new priority field for issue tracker

Yodiz supports "Moscow Priority" system for issues. Moscow Priority list is defined as Must Fix Should Fix Could [...]

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