Why I can not see Recycle Bin?

It reflects that Recycle Bin option is not selected in your "Global Permissions settings". Contact your Admin, for [...]

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Admin Roles and their description

In this article we will discuss following things: Roles Global Permissions FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Roles Yodiz has [...]

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In this article we will discuss following things: Payment Management Billing Product Packages Pricing Payment Management How I [...]

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How to Change Package Plan

Switching IssueTracker and Agile Package In order to change packages, login to Yodiz, go to Setting Icon at [...]

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How To Manage Components

Components can only be created, edited and deleted by “Super Admin” or “Project Admin”. Components can be associated [...]

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How to change Estimate settings for a project?

In order to change Estimate Settings for a project: Go to the Project level settings from the top right settings [...]

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Roles and Permissions

A role in Yodiz is a classification system for all users. Every different role has distinct characteristics in [...]

Deleting a User

If you want to delete a User from the system, this can be done from the User Directory. [...]

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How to use the Administration page

The administration settings page gives you control over all Administration related tasks in Yodiz. This article will guide [...]

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How to Invite New Users

There are a couple of ways you can go about inviting new users into Yodiz. The first way [...]