Everything About To Do Board

The To Do board is your personal board that is designed to keep you up to date about [...]

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How to use Yodiz

This article will guide you through setting up Yodiz. Please follow the instructions below to learn how to [...]

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How to use Left and Right Navigation bars

In this article we will discuss following things: Methods to access Right Navigation Panel on Scrum Board, Issue [...]

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Search and Filters

In this article, we are going to discuss everything related to Search and Filters: Search and Filters Bar [...]

Yodiz release update.

What’s new in Yodiz?   We’re excited to announce yet another release for Yodiz. This release brings a [...]

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How to generate Yodiz API Key

In order to generate API Key from Yodiz, go to top right Settings Icon Click on "Yodiz API" [...]

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What is a Status Set?

Status Set is an assortment of custom statuses, which are used to track workflow of an item (Tasks, [...]

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Yodiz Grab for Firefox

Yodiz Grab is browser extension that is used to capture and annotate screenshots of any web page. You [...]

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Getting Started with Sprint Board

The Sprint board is used to manage all Sprints for your project. You can choose between two methodologies [...]

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Roles and Permissions

A role in Yodiz is a classification system for all users. Every different role has distinct characteristics in [...]