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The Benefits Of Kanban

Kanban is a form of production control method used in the traditional manufacturing industry as a form of [...]

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What is Agile Methodology?

The literal meaning of agile is to “Able to move quickly and easily”, which pretty much supports the [...]

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Agile Scrum Meetings

There are number of regular meetings take place among Agile Team members. Let’s go through different type of [...]

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Planning Board

Every Agile project requires planning.  User Stories and bugs are moved from either backlog to releases and sprint, [...]

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Issue Boards

Assigning a dedicated board for issues just like stories is a good and unique way of keeping track [...]

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Release Boards

Release board is a higher level view of User Stories progress, independent of sprints. It provides a great [...]

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Yodiz Sprint Board

Sprint is the activity team spends longest time period among the many activities it indulges into such as [...]

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Agile Boards

Physical boards are hallmark of Agile based development. Boards have specific value in agile development; they provide one [...]

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Agile User Stories and Groomed Product Backlog

What is a User Story? Agile is a value based development methodology, where all those features of the [...]

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Agile Velocity

In simple words velocity determines the pace of progress of an Agile team. It’s measure of work completed [...]

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