Here are some quick tips for Backlog management at Yodiz.

1.1 – Change position of user story

  • To quickly move user story to new position, click on priority position #, enter new value and user story will be moved there.
  • Drag any user story and drop to new position
  • Click on settings icon at end of user story row and select “Move to Top” or “Move to Bottom”, this will move user story at top or at bottom of backlog.

1.2 – Quick Edit

  • User stories in Backlog are quickly editable. Click on Title, estimate or responsible picture to update information instantly.

1.3 – Add user story to Sprint

  • In Backlog you can easily add user story to an active or forthcoming sprint. Click on icon and select your target sprint.
  • On Planning board you can select Backlog and on other tab select your target sprint, you can easily move user stories by drag n drop or clicking on move Arrow.
Product Backlog is very important for any team and keeping it in right shape ensures better planning and delivery.