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Backlog is the place to convert ideas and requirements into “User Stories” so you can start implementing them. Yodiz Backlog is easy to manage and provides multiple features for work prioritization and management. While planning, you can also quickly add more User Stories and sub Items (Tasks & Issues). To help increase visibility of your [...]

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Admin Roles and their description

In this article we will discuss following things: Roles Global Permissions FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Roles Yodiz has the following defined Roles for users. It is possible to define new user Roles and these Roles can be further customized for each project. 1. Super Admin The Super Admin has access to all administrative tasks as [...]

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In this article we will discuss following things: Payment Management Billing Product Packages Pricing Payment Management How I can access Payment Management page? You can access Payment Management pages by going to top: Navigation Panel > Settings Icon > Billing > Payment Management What can I find in Payment Management Page? Payment Management includes major [...]

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Everything About To Do Board

The To Do board is your personal board that is designed to keep you up to date about all work items that require your attention. You can find all your assigned tasks here, making it a convenient way to provide you seamless efficiency. Don’t miss a thing with To Do board. In this article we [...]

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Difference in Scrum and ScrumBan Board

Scrum Board provides greater visibility of User Story dependent Tasks and Issues whereas KanBan Board mainly focuses on User Stories and Independent Issues. KanBan Board has less visibility of User Story dependent Tasks and Issues. Scrum Board In Scrum Board, each item progress is more visible. If you want to track each and every item [...]

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Item Conversion

Yodiz has introduced a nifty new feature, which allows you to convert Item Types after they are created. This feature is available for all Item types, namely; Task, Issue, User Story and Epic. How to access this feature? This feature is accessible only at modal view. Click on Item ID and its modal view will open.  Click on [...]

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Yodiz and Jira Integration via Zapier

In this article we will discuss following things: Yodiz Trigger to Jira Action Jira Trigger to Yodiz Action How it Works The whole workflow of this integration is based on Triggers (when this happens) and Actions (then do this) in Zapier. Yodiz Trigger to Jira Action Step 1: Make A Zap Login to your Zapier [...]

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How to Integrate Yodiz with third party services via Zapier

Yodiz now introduces all the popular integrations via Zapier. You can synchronize your Yodiz account with multiple other tools so all your favorite applications are connected all the time. In this article we will discuss following things: Install Yodiz Beta at Zapier Yodiz Supports Triggers and Actions Popular Integrations Step by Step Integration Guide Install [...]

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Issue Severity by Responsible

In this article we will discuss following things: How to access Issue Severity by Responsible? How to Generate Issue Severity by Responsible? How to Edit, Delete and Export Issue Severity by Responsible? 1. How to access Issue Severity by Responsible? Issue Severity by Responsible can be accessed via following navigation. Go to the top left [...]

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Mercurial Hook

We support integration to ALL Mercurial repositories. Hook Yodiz Tasks and Issues with your code commits. The process is extremely simple. Integration Setup Download hook post-commit-hg Copy hook to your local machine. Add hook path in hrc file located in Mercurial repository e.g repository/.hg/hrc, your path entry should look like: [hooks] commit=sh "your local machine [...]

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