The Administration area can be accessed by pressing the top settings icon, then pressing Administration. admin2 This will lead you to the Administration screen, where you can configure everything from Billing, Projects, Users, Custom Fields, Integrations, Data Import, Mobile Apps, and Browser Add ons. admin1 Let’s have a look at the various sections above.


Payment Management
Manage your account’s payment. Update, edit or cancel your subscription
Payment Responsible
Person who is designated as Payment Responsible is the person who has to make payments on behalf of the company.
Company Details
Edit the details of the Company such as company name, email, phone number and address.


Add Project
Allows you to create a new Project for your company.
My Projects
View all Projects of which you are a part of currently.
View All Projects
See all of the company’s Projects on an organization level.
Archived Projects
See all Projects that have been archived and their details.
User Management
Invite New users
Allows you to invite new users via email invitation.
Create Bulk Users
Invite users to the company in Bulk via email invitations.
All Users
View all users that are currently using the app, as well as pending invitations.
Manage Roles & Permissions
Allows you to assign Roles to existing users and edit their Permissions, which govern how they can use Yodiz.


Manage Custom Fields
View or Edit existing custom fields.
Create Custom Fields
Add new Custom Fields to the Project.
Manage Status Labels
Edit and View Status Labels in the Project. These are the labels assigned to Statuses for User Stories and Issues.
Manage Priority Labels
Edit and View Priority Labels in the Project. These are the labels assigned to different Priorities used for User Stories and Issues.


This section allows you to manage integrations for various third party apps with Yodiz. These include Customer Support Integrations, Hosted Source Code repositories, and Local hosted repositories.
Interact Via Email
Allows you to setup the ability to create Issues, User Stories or Epics by email messages. These can be configured to be created from messages sent by a specific email, or from an email domain.

Import Data

This section allows you to import Project from other tools like:
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Atlasian Jira
  • Redmine
  • FogzBugz
  • OnTime Now
You can import data into Yodiz by three methods, by using API, CSV or JSON. The method of import depends on the third party app and may vary from application to application.

Mobile Apps

This section gives you links to the downloads for mobile apps for the platforms:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • iPad

Browser Add On

Links to download Yodiz grab, a powerful utility to get screenshot annotate and report as issue or US.