In this article we will discuss following things:
Yodiz has following admin roles.
  • Super Admin
    : Have access to everything, can view, delete projects. Invite new users and delete existing.
  • Owner
    : Have access to “Payment Management”
  • Backup Owner
    : Have access to “Payment Management”.
    • Backup Owner & Owner can be assigned by going to Administration -> Company Details -> Edit Company Details.
  • Admin
    : This role is for “Project Administrators”, they can create new projects, invite new users to project, but they can’t access “Administration” or “Payment Management”
  • User: Can only view the projects where they are member. They can’t perform or view any admin related settings or actions.

Special Cases

  • The person who first sign up organization at Yodiz becomes “Owner  & Super Admin”. If you change Owner to some other user later, then the person will only get rights to Payment Management. If you want the person to manage projects etc, then don’t forget to assign “Super Admin” role to this new Owner.

Grant Super Admin Rights

To make other team members “Super Admin”, so can have access to all administration options, please follow these steps
  • Go to “Administration” area
  • Click on “Manage Users” under “Users” section. manage-users-roles
  • Locate the user you want to make “Super Admin” super-admin-checkbox
  • Click on “Super Admin” checkbox under users name.
If user doesn’t see the super admin options immediately, ask user to logout and login again.

Change Payment Responsible

Super Admins have access to Administration area, where they can define the “Payment Management” responsible persons. At the moment only 2 persons see “Payment Management” option under settings icon and those are:
  • Owner & Backup owner
To change owner and Backup owners (Payment Responsibles), follow these steps:
  • From settings icon on top right corner, select “Administration” administration-access
  • Click on Payment Responsibles under Billing section.
  • Click on “Edit” button
  • From drop down select Primary and Secondary Responsible persons.
  • These 2 persons will have access to the Payment Management area to upgrade, downgrade and change payment method.
  • Follow this article for more details on change payment methods