There are a couple of ways you can go about inviting new users into Yodiz. The first way is to invite new users from the sign up page. Once you enter in your profile and company details during sign up, you will be taken to the Invite your Team screen. signup_add_user On this screen you can invite users by entering their email address and selecting if they will be invited as a User or Admin. To add more users press the ‘+ Add More’ button. When you are done, press the Continue button.

Inviting and managing Users through the User Directory

Once you are logged into your account in Yodiz, you can invite new users or manage existing users through the Users Directory screen. To do this, go to the settings icon and press Administration. From the top menu, select Users. From the dropdown menu, select Invite New Users. On this screen, enter the email of the person you want to invite. Then select the Projects in which you want to include them in. Finally select the Role that you want to assign this user. Finally, press Invite to send the invite.

Inviting Bulk users by using CSV file

To the right of the screen there is a box where you can drag and drop a CSV file. The CSV file will be used to add users into Yodiz in bulk. You can choose to download the template for the CSV file by pressing the Download Template link. Once the template has been filled in, you can drag and drop it into Yodiz and the users will be invited. adduser

Pending Invitations

The Pending invitations section of the screen shows you all invitations that have been sent by you and are awaiting to be opened by the user. You can choose to resend the invitation, copy URL of the invitation or Cancel the invitation.

Roles and permission

A role in Yodiz is a classification system for all users.Every different role has distinct characteristics in the form of permissions that each role grants within Yodiz. Only the Super Admin can create roles. The Add role screen allows you to create a custom role. Once you have decided a name for the role, you can then set the specific permissions granted by that role in Yodiz. On this screen you can also choose whether this will be the Default role and whether users with this role will be able to access project settings. rp

Manage roles & permissions.

The manage Roles & Permissions screen allows you to specifically edit the function of any specific role. You can grant users permissions to perform certain tasks within the system or limit them.

Manage user permissions project specific.

This screen allows you to manage User permissions for specific projects. You can choose which Users to edit by selecting the specific Project that those users are involved in. Press the Manage Permissions button to go to the Manage Roles & Permissions screen. The project admin and super admin can edit right permissions.